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The Dudes Crew

Margaret River's Coolest Wine Tour Crew...

We might be biased, but we’re pretty sure Wine for Dudes Wine Tours Margaret River have the most rocking crew driving dudes and dudettes around the Margaret River Wine Region! Not only are our team full of personality, they’re worldly, social, and have a huge amount of experience when it comes to wine and tourism! They drink it (a lot!), and live it!

Wine for Dudes are so stoked with their little team, and know that when you jump on board a Wine For Dudes Wine Tour you will be in for a day in your life you will never forget!

So, without further ado, let’s meet the crew…


Chief Dude

John is Wine for Dudes owner and leading tour guide. He’s worked the majority of his adult life in the wine industry, and has a palate to rival some of the finest winemakers in the industry! If you’re lucky enough to score a ride with our chief dude, then you’ll be sure to have a day that you’ll never forget! Johnno’s relaxed nature, quirky jokes, and phenomenal wine and regional knowledge, ensure his groups have a truly authentic Margaret River experience that they could never get anywhere else! Johnno loves a good time, and always has his finger on the pulse of Margaret River’s social scene, or if you’re into surfing or the outdoors, he has all the best tips to ensure you’re living your best life during your Margaret River stay!


Thirsty Kirsty

Part of the furniture

Wine for Dudes all-round dudette has been kickin’ with the dudes crew since twenty14, and there’s nothing she hasn’t done! She’s the brains behind our renowned company policies (the best of any WA tour operator according to the Dept of Transport), creator of multiple winning awards submissions, the number cruncher, the legal jargon creator, the whip cracker, and she’ll even jump out and take a tour if needed. Thirsty Kirsty is not only a passionate dudes ambassador, but a zealous promoter of the entire Margaret River region! Although less “thirsty” since becoming a mum, Kirst will always cheers a glass of her favourite drop ...a traditional Margaret River Chardonnay!



Admin Guru

Kerrie is the tick to our tock! She makes sure there is a guide to drive, and places to visit… pretty much the two most important factors to make a Margaret River wine tour successful!  Kerrie is a lateral thinker, in fact if you could lateralise "lateral" ...that's her! Kerrie always has a quirky solution, and bends over backwards to cater to every possible request and parameter, without jeopardising the quality of a tour! ...she's a good'un our Kerrie!



Legendary Tour Guide

If the Oxford dictionary could epitomise a "Wine for Dudes tour guide", it'd probably just say "Caleb" ...a young, fun, adventure-seeking, surf-loving, gig-playing bundle of positivity! He once travelled right around Australia in search of perfect waves, so has some epic stories to tell of our beautiful land. Caleb's got a good head on him, and we really value that, and with a background in hospo too, he's able to read the situation and work his magic to ensure the best day for our guests. Caleb's fav thing about being a tour guide is meeting all different kinds of people and hearing their stories, and he lives by the quote "the pessimist sees risk in opportunity, and the optimist sees opportunity in risk".

fran gronow head shot wine for dudes wine tour guide margaret river.jpg


Legendary Tour Guide

One of the most stylish gals on the planet, with a knack for pairing her lippy and earrings with the red diamond on the Wine for Dudes logo #LOVE! Our girl Fran possesses a contagious energy that’s full of spark. You always know when Fran's at work ...she's waving from across the carpark before she even comes in, is like a bubbly tornado through the office, and then she's out the back door to blast the music for the whole industrial estate while she cleans her van! Fran loves the theatre, and has a zest for fun! Fran’s background in hospitality management means she knows exactly how to make a day in the vines an enjoyable experience for everyone.



Legendary Tour Guide

If we're going to be called Wine for Dudes, who better to have on the team than one of Margaret River's ultimate dudes, Ryan Hardy? Former world champion bodyboarder, who runs his own surf camps in Bali during the winter months ...topping up his froth for hanging out with people as a Wine for Dudes tour guide in between times! Ryan is as humble, down-to-earth and local as they come, so we're super stoked to have him as a dude!

Rusty Creighton wine for dude wine tour guide margaret river headshot.jpg

Rusty C

Legendary Tour Guide

Our ooh la la Gold Facet Award-Winning Tour Guide Rusty is one of those guys that just ticks all the boxes. Friendly …tick! Has a good laugh …tick! Can talk until the cows come home …tick! Has an abundance of wine knowledge …tick! Is easy-going …tick! Cranks 80’s rock …tick! C’mon, everyone loves 80’s rock!! 🙂  Rusty is just the dude you need as a tour guide, and we’ve got him …tiiiiick!

Rusty Wine for Dudes Wine Tours Margaret River Busselton Dunsborough Best Wine tour Staff.

Rusty P

Legendary Tour Guide

Rusty is more of a glass pretty bloody full kinda guy …and keep topping it up! Rusty has been floating around the Margaret River touring scene for as long as the wine itself ...not really, but not far off haha! He’s well-known, well-liked, well-educated and more than happy to taste test every drop in the region to "keep up his wine knowledge" …it’s a tough gig, but somebody’s got to do it! Aside from a banger playlist sure to get your shoulders bouncing and your hips jiggling, Rusty knows everything about pretty much everything in WA!



Legendary Tour Guide

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still, I’m still Janny from the block!  Our girl Janny is never one for dull moments, and knows just how to keep the vibes at a level that everyone enjoys! We think Janny was literally born to hang out with people all day, and aside from her banger personality and witty banter, she actually knows a thing or two about wine… well tbh, she knows a lot of wine, with loads of winery experience and viticulture quals to fill you up with knowledge! Summing up, Janny’s like a little ray of sunshine who connects with everyone like you’ve been besties forever …you’ll love her!

taryn prince headshot wine for dudes wine tour guide margaret river.jpg


Legendary Tour Guide

There seems to be a trend happening with the dudettes on our team, and no, it’s not a pre-requisite or interview question, but here we have another self-confessed Chardy-girl on the team! LOL!  But aside from seamlessly blending into the wine-tastes of the team, like the rest of the dudes crew, Taz also possesses a banger personality with with a massive smile, and warmth that lights up every room!



Legendary Tour Guide

If you're looking for a cruisy guide to hang out with for the day, James is your man! A genuine, solid human that just goes-with-the-flow. James likes the simple life provided by Margaret River! Waltzing through the door fully licenced and experienced, and looking for a job right before peak season, it was like the stars had aligned! Stumbling our way through the most random on-the-spot interview, followed by a few obligatory checks, and we knew we'd nabbed a good one! Another legend for the dudes crew ...yew!

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