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Finding the Best Margaret River Cave to Explore!

Lake Cave Margaret River
Lake Cave

Imagine being a speck of dust with front row seats when Mother Nature burst through the Margaret River region laden with creative energy all those years ago! The raw, wild, vibrant backdrop she created that would one day become our home. A stunning remote dot on the south western outcrop of Australia; where you'll find yourself surrounded by the vines of a world-class wine region, with a backdrop of world-class waves to watch the sun set behind, or the crystal clear still waters of Geographe Bay in the north. But it's what lies beneath the surface that is nothing short of mesmerising ...let me introduce you to the labyrinth of caves below the spectacular Margaret River region for you to explore.

three women on SUP's in the crystal clear waters of Point Piquet near Dunsborough, Margaret River
Image: Tim Campbell

You may have already heard about Margaret River's network of caves, but with so many options, and varying levels of difficulty and access, it can be hard to know what is the best cave to visit in Margaret River ...that's where I come in.

I've been fortunate enough to explore many of the Margaret River caves countless times, and they're all quite unique and spectacular, so chances are you won't be disappointed anyway, but let's break them down a little further anyway, from the immaculately maintained and easily accessible caves managed by the Busselton Margaret River Tourism Association and the Capes Foundation; to the more rugged and more unknown caves in Margaret River.

Lake Cave Margaret River
Lake Cave

1. Lake Cave (Book here)

Subterranean Serenity

Despite there being no rain in Margaret River for almost six months, Lake Cave Margaret River as of this very second is as full of water as it's ever been, so it's an absolutely magical time to visit. About 2 years ago we experienced the devasting Boranup fires, which tore through much of our natural bush. Fortunately the majestic trees of Boranup Forest survived, but the undergrowth was absolutely decimated creating easy access for water to seep into the cave. You'll descend some 350 steps down into Lake Cave (and back up!), but once inside, you'll comfortably wander across well-maintained boardwalks to explore the underground lake which shimmers beneath intricate limestone formations, illuminated by soft, ethereal light. Guided tours run several times a day providing insights into the cave's geological history, making it a must-visit destination for cave enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

2. Mammoth Cave (Book here)

Journey into Pre-Historic Times

Step back in time at Mammoth Cave, the biggest cave in Margaret River of its kind. Explore vast chambers adorned with ancient stalactites and stalagmites, and learn about the prehistoric megafauna that once roamed these underground corridors. This cave is self-guided, and you'll be given a head piece with sections to check-in to along the way. One of the best things about Mammoth Cave is that you can explore it at your own pace, giving you ample opportunity to soak it all in.

Ngilgi Cave Dunsborough Margaret River
Ngilgi Cave

3. Ngilgi Cave (Book here)

Cultural Heritage Underground

Delve into the rich cultural heritage of the Wadandi people at Ngilgi Cave. Guided tours offer insights into the spiritual significance of this sacred site, where Dreamtime stories come to life amidst awe-inspiring rock formations. Gain a deeper understanding of Aboriginal culture as you explore the depths of Ngilgi Cave's ancient chambers. One of my favourite caves, and the closest cave to Dunsborough for those staying in the north of the region.

4. Jewel Cave (Book here)

Nature's Masterpiece

Prepare to be awestruck by the grandeur of Jewel Cave, home to some of the most spectacular limestone formations in the region. Guided tours lead visitors through winding passageways adorned with delicate stalactites and stalagmites, showcasing nature's artistic prowess in all its glory.

5. Calgardup Cave (More information here)

An Underground Adventure

For the adventurous at heart, Calgardup Cave offers an exhilarating journey into the depths of Margaret River's karst landscape. Equipped with helmets and headlamps, visitors can explore this wild cave system on self-guided tours, navigating narrow passages and hidden chambers as they uncover the secrets of Calgardup Cave.

6. Giants Cave (More information here)

Conquer the Depths

Venture off the beaten path and discover the hidden gem of Giants Cave. This lesser-known cave offers a more rugged and untamed exploration experience, with towering chambers and mysterious passageways waiting to be discovered.

Wine for Dudes Wine Tour (Book here)

Ahh yeah, well we're not a cave, but we do have wine, so that's well worth a mention! After immersing yourself in Margaret River's subterranean wonders, it's time to indulge in another of the region's delights: wine, and who better to host you for the best Margaret River wine tour than Wine for Dudes wine tours! Our daily Wine and Beer Adventure will take you on laid-back and informative journey through some of Margaret River's finest, boutique wineries, where you'll get the opportunity to meet the winemaker and families who have poured their lives into creating some of the best wine in the world! Sample award-winning wines, soak in the picturesque vineyard views, and learn about the art of winemaking from our renowned and legendary tour guides. Dunsborough wine tours, Busselton wine tours and Margaret River wine tours operate daily, and include complimentary wine tastings, lunch, a wine blending experience, chocolate tastings, a visit to a local Margaret River brewery and pick up and drop off.

Whether you're captivated by the underground marvels of Margaret River's caves or seduced by the allure of its world-class wines, this region offers a truly magical experience. So, pack your sense of adventure and your appreciation for good wine, as you embark on an unforgettable journey through Margaret River's hidden gems.



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