Over $200 raised for River Angels!

Thursday, May 30, 2019
Over $200 raised for River Angels!

LIFE... it's loads of fun! And there's no denying we get to enjoy some of the best of it down here in the Margaret River region... drinking beautiful wine, dining on delicious food, surrounding yourself with great mates, jam sessions on the guitar, and absorbing the beauty of the ocean and the coastline into everyday life! ...but then the unthinkable happens ...someone near and dear gets dropped with the C-bomb!

When Cancer strikes, it hits like a smack in the face! And unfortunately if it doesn't hit you, it will most likely hit someone very close to you at some stage in your life; No matter what you do, it never seems like you're doing enough! You can raise money for research, but it's too late for some, they've already got it!

That's where one of Margaret River's most incredibly selfless, and beautiful local organisations comes along and guides the way. River Angels is a local Margaret River group focused on supporting local individuals directly affected by Cancer! From keeping the house clean, to restocking the pantry with groceries and homemade meals, to organising the gardens to be maintained or dropping off firewood to keep the family warm, basically anything that's required... River Angels try to help real local people affected by cancer, cope with day to day living so they can focus on the annihilating that C-bomb!

Over the past few months Wine for Dudes have been giving customers the opportunity to add a $2 donation to their bookings to donate to River Angels; and today we were able to transfer our first donation of over $200 to this truly incredible organisation! We wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to River Angels for all that you do for the local Margaret River community; but also to our amazing dudes crew for showing your support and donating! THANK YOU!

To find out how you can support River Angels, please contact organiser Lynda Donovan at lyndak@wn.com.au - all donations of money, food drops, housekeeping, handyman work or anything else you can lend your skills at are welcomed!

It's all fun and games until somebody gets Cancer!