Immerse Yourselves in Wine this Harvest Season!

Sunday, March 25, 2018
Immerse Yourselves in Grapes this Harvest Season!

Don't just get "hands-on"... don't just dip your feet... it's harvest season here in Margaret River... so IMMERSE YOURSELVES in wine!!

Wine for Dudes love to do things differently, and we definitely don't do things half-arsed, so we've teamed up with our good mate Skigh McManus of  Skigh Wines to bring our guests the exclusive experience of "foot" stomping like you've never seen it before!

I can imagine historic figures such as Cleopatra or Alexander the Great bathing in grapes whilst being fanned by their servants as they overlook the vast lands of their palatial empires! ...fast forward to 2018, and transport yourself to the new world, and you too can experience the once in a lifetime feeling of bathing in wine right here in the Margaret River wine region!

The harvest season only lasts for a couple of months each year, and it's on RIGHT NOW!  Once the grapes are juicy and ripe, they're picked from the vines, and transferred into big bins or tanks to ferment ...this is the short story BTW!  The winemaker will then plunge the grapes 2-3 times per day, ensuring the skins are kept moist and free from the damage and spoilage caused by exposure to air.

So embrace your inner assistant winemaker, switch into your bathers and jump on in to a big tank of vino goodness and moisten those grape skins on your Private Charter with Wine for Dudes Wine Tours Margaret River!

Don't worry, it's hygienic, the alcohol that is produced kills any germs that could potentially be on your feet and body!  So make sure you find out exactly what grapes you're stomping on the day, and in a few months/years time when it's all bottled up and up for sale on the Skigh Wines website, make sure you grab yourselves a bottle or case, because how many people can crack a bottle of gorgeous Margaret River wine (...and Skigh really does make incredible vino), and say "I jumped in the tank with this wine on my Margaret River wine tour with the Wine for Dudes crew  back in 2018!"

Contact Wine for Dudes to organise your unique and exclusive foot stomping / body immersion experience on your private charter with Wine for Dudes!

Limited places available, for Private Charters departing Margaret River only.  Additional fees apply - only available for Harvest Season!!