COVID-19: Industry Release

Saturday, March 21, 2020
COVID-19: Industry Release

Right now, the world is facing a pandemic that many of us have never experienced in our lifetime.Whilst we remain hopeful and optimistic for the future, we also appreciate the seriousness of the situation surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and are determined to do our part for humanity as we navigate this uncharted terrain together.

Wine for Dudes would like to assure you that the health and safety of our team, customers, industry colleagues, community and families, is of paramount importance, and have developed a mitigation strategy as to how we will handle the COVID-19 situation as a tour operator within the Margaret River region.

In response to the increased urgency surrounding hygiene standards to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Wine for Dudes have implemented the following procedures:

1. LIMITED GROUP SIZES: Group sizes have been capped to a maximum of 10 passengers per van tour, and 12 passengers per coaster tour.When there is only one tour for the day, regardless of size, we will use our 21-passenger coaster.

2. STAFF EXPOSURE: If staff are feeling unwell or have been in contact with a known confirmed case of COVID-19 case within 14-days of working, they WILL NOT be able to come to work.Staff should contact the Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080, for further instruction.

3. CUSTOMER EXPOSURE: Customer confirmation and reminder emails have a newly worded statement as follows: 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS), if you are feeling unwell, have travelled from overseas, or have been in contact with a known case of COVID-19 within the 14 days prior to your tour, you WILL NOT be able to participate in the tour. You must contact our office to process your cancellation. The health and safety of our staff, customers, community and industry colleagues is of paramount importance; Wine for Dudes have implemented additional cleaning measures to reduce the spread of germs, however we respectfully request you also take additional measures regarding your hygiene, and recommend the use of hand sanitisers, wash hands frequently, and always cover your mouth when sneezing. We fully encourage the use of the "foot tap" over handshakes! Stay healthy!Have fun!

4. ILLNESS ALERT: Wine for Dudes guides are to be aware of anyone who may appear sick. If they suspect anything, they are to ask them immediately if they are feeling unwell, and contact the office immediately for further instruction if someone is showing signs of illness, or is feeling unwell.

5. GOURMET FOOD PRODUCER VISITS: Wine for Dudes have ceased visitation to some of the gourmet food producers within the region that have not implemented sufficient hygiene practices for tastings.

6. SHARED LUNCH: Wine for Dudes regular tour lunch consists of an incredible shared spread of lunch offerings at Rustico at Hay Shed Hill.Wine for Dudes and Rustico at Hay Shed Hill have been working together to implement additional hygiene practices.Rustico at Hay Shed Hill have implemented additional sanitising procedures, and are practicing social distancing by reducing the capacity of the venue and spreading out tables.Additionally each Wine for Dudes customer will receive their own set of tongs on their plate to take food, preventing the risk of touching the shared plates and other food. We will continue to monitor our hygiene practices with lunch and address this again as required.

7. VEHICLE SANITISATION: Wine for Dudes vehicles will be sanitised multiple times per tour, on top of their regular daily clean.Each vehicle has been supplied with a disinfectant spray, and sanitising wipes to complete sanitising practices whilst out on tour.

8. WASHING HANDS & GENERAL HYGIENE: Wine for Dudes guides are to direct people to wash their hands thoroughly before lunch.And continue to remind customers of general recommended hygiene practices throughout the day.

These procedures will continue to be monitored and adjusted as time goes on, and further measures will be implemented as required.

We thank all our team, community and families for their support during this extremely difficult time.  We especially thank all our customers who have decided not to take refunds for their cancelled tours, instead opting for our 12 MONTH FREE CREDIT VOUCHER offer (expiry dates will be extended if required), giving them the opportunity to come and enjoy a vino with us again when all of this is over!

Stay positive, healthy and follow the rules dudes... it's best for everyone!