5 Winter Warming Margaret River Wines!

Sunday, July 28, 2019
5 Winter Warming Margaret River Wines!

Winter... whether it's comfy tracky dacks in front of the fire, or the perfect excuse for a dinner party with friends... the dudes crew will always find a reason to enjoy a beautiful drop of Margaret River's finest!

With an abundance of incredible wineries dotting the Margaret River landscape, you'll be absolutely spoilt for choice!  But with so many options, where do you even begin...?  Warm the soul, and let your taste buds dance their way through Winter with our handpicked selection of five of our favourite Winter Warming Margaret River wines (...in no particular order!)

Hay Shed Hill 2014 Block 2 Cabernet Sauvignon

It's easy to become expectant of a good quality Cabernet Sauvignon in Margaret River, after all, it's the 'King of the Reds' around these parts, with most wineries producing a Cab Sav at least worthy of a Christmas ribbon; however Hay Shed Hill produce an exceptional one!  Rated 96 points out of 100 from Australia's guru of wine James Halliday, the 2014 Block 2 Cabernet Sauvignon is alluring on the nose, with the palate experiencing intensely satisfying full fruit flavours, and a smooth and elegant finish.

Blind Corner 2018 Sangiovese

There's a skate ramp in the winery, a ginger cat named Neko, "hippie chicks" (chickens) that live in a rainbow coloured camper, and they're a certified organic and bio-dynamic winery! Not only do they produce incredible vino, they froth on the fun! Blind Corners 2018 Sangiovese does its Italian origin proud! With just 8 rows of vines, there's not much of this baby to go around, but what there is is blinking delicious!! It's been naturally nurtured, crushed under foot, hand plunged and basket pressed; resulting in an earthy, fruity and floral wine, that's well balanced and luscious on the palate!

Windance Estate 2017 Shiraz

Located at the northern end of the Margaret River wine region, James Halliday named Windance Estate as a Top 10 Dark Horse Winery for 2019... and yes, that really is as cool as it sounds!  Consistently achieving incredible results from the wines they produce, this family run boutique winery has a little rocket that makes a big bang!  Their 2017 Shiraz, derived from 100% estate grown grapes, is well structured with rich plummy fruits and a tantalising hint of spice!  And at just $25 a bottle (whaaat!) this one will warm your soul and your wallet!

Aravina Estate 2016 'Limited Release' Tempranillo

Impress your friends with your hidden wine and food pairing abilities... but don't blow your cover with mispronunciation... repeat after me... Tem-pra-nee-oh. Alright, you're good to go! Originating from Spain, the savoury characteristics of the Tempranillo varietal make it a good match for a range of different foods. Aravina Estate's 2016 'Limited Release' Tempranillo is as vibrant on the nose, as it is on the palate! Rich and fruity with a hint of oak, this wine really does impress; and at just $35, we'll cozy up with this one any night!

Amelia Park 2018 Reserve Chardonnay

Shut the front door, we're throwing a white into our Winter mix ...yep, wine not! (wine joke... *chuckles*) ...OK, so a lot of people, including myself, have a natural tendency to sway between reds in Winter, and whites and rose in Summer, however with Chardonnay benefiting from being served slightly warmer than other whites (around 8 degrees for unoaked, and 10 degrees for oaked), it's the perfect white wine to indulge in on a balmy Winters evening!  I, personally, am a massive fan of Margaret River Chardonnay, I can literally talk about it for hours and still have more to say; for me a good Chardonnay is heavenly; and our friends at Amelia Park create a Margaret River Chardonnay that's clean and elegant, with a well rounded palate, and a beautiful hunt of oak... ooh la la!