The Coolest Wine Tour Crew In Margaret River

We might be biased, but we're pretty sure Wine for Dudes Wine Tours Margaret River have the most rocking crew driving dudes and dudettes around the Margaret River Wine Region! Not only are our team full of personality, they're worldly, social, and have a huge amount of experience when it comes to wine and tourism! They drink it (...quite a lot!), and live it!

Wine for Dudes are so stoked with their little team, and know that when you jump on board a Wine For Dudes Wine Tour you will be in for a day in your life you will never forget!

So, without further ado, let's meet the crew...


Johnno is none other than Wine for Dudes Chief Executive Dude!  His relaxed nature, cheesy jokes, and exceptional wine knowledge are like none other!  He's a bit of a legend on the social scene always in the know with what's happening around town after your tour! A day out with Johnno is a day you will never forget!



Aidan is a qualified viticulturist, winemaker, self-taught mechanic, and a flying trapeze artist was the last part that pretty much made us instantly hire him!  But there's no doubt that Aidan is a full time legend! His naturally positive, relaxed and fun persona make him an instant hit with all the dudes that tour with him!  But be warned, you may end up doing circus tricks by the end of your tour!


Rusty... what's not to L.O.V.E!  He's always up for a good laugh, has a fascinating story for everything, pulls out all the classic singalongs, and whaddaya know he also knows a thing or two about wine! A tour with Rusty as your guide always ends with sore cheeks from a day spent laughing!


Our summer blow in, who lives life to the fullest! It's never a dull day touring with Ryan... after all, he's here for a good time, not a long time! A wine + beer enthusiast, always up for a laugh + an after-party! Not to mention the carefully composed bangin' tunes he'll have in store for you!


Thirsty Kirsty

Wine for Dudes all-round dudette has been kickin' with the crew for over five years, and there's nothing she can't do! From admin to marketing, bookkeeping to luxury tour guiding, Kirsty is not only a passionate dudes ambassador, but promoter for the entire Margaret River region! Although, less "thirsty" since becoming a mum, give this girl a glass of buttery Chardonnay and the heels will go straight back on!


"There are so many fantastic wines coming out of Margaret River, you just have to try as many of them as you can!".  When Allie isn't in the cellar getting her hands dirty, she's out showing off her favourite wine region with the dudes crew!  She's got ample wine experience so loves sharing her "behind the scenes" knowledge of winemaking with her crew, and cruising the vineyards with fresh tunes and fun vibes!



"Dvir is an awesome dude" ...our 'straight to the point' Dvir is actually an awesome dude! He loves surfing, surfing, surfing and wine. So when he's not surfing, he's being a legend tour guide for the dudes crew! And he's a bit of a local legend around these parts, so has lots of stories of adventures, and knows everything there is to do on the cape! Did we mention Dvir's awesome?


Andrew is quite the blend! Good luck on guessing where he is actually from, we're still not sure if we get it! Of many backgrounds, Andrew draws on a range of experiences and knowledge to give you an unforgettable tour. He loves sharing the bounty of the incredible Margaret River region and has a good laugh doing so - even if it is at his own jokes. Enjoy!